Anique Granger & Mélanie Brûlée

Anique Granger & Mélanie Brûlée

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A bilingual show, breaking language barriers, interweaving French and English with guitars, harmonies and stories.

“Melanie Brulée performs her self-penned folk-style songs with a voice that’s pure and powerful with a hint of whisky at the edges. Singer-songwriter Anique Granger, meanwhile, sings her songs in French with such sweetness and beauty you’ll actually vow to become a better person. The two of them together is something else again.” – Mariposa Folk Festival

Introducing Anique:

Anique Granger released her third album “Aimer comme une émeute” (To Love Like a Riot) under Montréal-based label Ambiances Ambigües in April 2015. Originally Fransaskoise (a rare breed of francophone from Saskatchewan), she has been performing for over 15 years across Canada and Europe, sharing songs and stories with honesty and humor. Her album “Les outils qu’on a” (The Tools We Have) was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2012. Expect guitar-driven bilingual roots-meets-‘Chanson Française’.

Introducing Melanie Brulée:

Known for her dynamic live performances, contagious energy and unique vocal stylings, Melanie Brulée offers her latest release: Débridée, an atmospheric album where indie rock and alternative roots tessellate in perfect symbiosis. A proud ambassador for education and mental health, Melanie offers self-confidence workshops for young people around the globe in French as well as in English. Melanie is no stranger to the folk scene, having spent the last 5 years performing in and running showcase rooms at FMO as well as FAI alongside mentor (and Melanie’s biggest fan) Richard Flohil.

Together, their forces strengthen each other’s talents. Since their first tour accompanying each other musically in 2013, their collaboration has deepened. They are the recipients of the Folk Music Ontario/Stingray Music “Rising Star” Award for ‘Antidote du doute’, a song the duo co-wrote which is featured on Melanie’s latest album. This summer, they are a part of Orillia’s Mariposa Folk Festival as well as Sudbury’s Northern Lights Festival. In addition to preparing their upcoming Home Routes tour, they are currently co-writing new material and trying to decide on a band name.

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