David Essig

David Essig

Genre: Blues, Country-Blues, Master Guitarist, Songwriter

David Essig was introduced to Canadian audiences in 1971 as a “talented newcomer” at the legendary Mariposa Folk Festival. Now, over 40 years later, he has an international career as one of Canada’s finest interpreters of original, contemporary folk music. Always paying homage to his roots in Bluegrass and Country Blues, David uses these traditions to create timeless new songs.

David has recorded 20 albums of his own music over the course of his career – the  most recent is Moon on Rough Bay, released in October, 2012. He has also worked as the producer on over 60 albums by fellow artists. David is highly respected as a thoughtful and intelligent songwriter, with Canadian folk standards like “Albert’s Cove” and “High Ground” to his credit. His work moves from pieces as contemporary as today’s news, to songs that sound as if they were rediscovered from old country blues 78’s. These are songs that tell stories that will start you laughing and leave you crying. Equally renowned as an instrumentalist and traditional performer, David is a master of the blues and slide guitar. Whether on the lap-style Weissenborn or the electric slide guitar, his spontaneous style crosses all the borders between country, blues and the avant-garde. With his 5/8″ socket and a sound that could peel the petunias off your mother’s porcelain, he is considered one of Canada’s finest slide guitarists.

In 2012, David moved his recording studio to Sointula, on Malcolm Island, BC and recorded his new CD of original songs, Moon on Rough Bay – a compelling collection of original songs that highlight his work as one of Canada’s finest roots and blues singer/songwriter/guitarists.

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