Fiddle & Banjo

Fiddle & Banjo

Genre: Appalachian, Old Tyme

Fiddle & Banjo: Tunes from the North, Songs from the South is the new album from the collaboration of fiddler Karrnnel Sawitsky, and banjo player Daniel Koulack released in the summer of 2015. The duo released their Western Canadian Music Award nominated debut album in 2010 and have been continuously touring all around the world since.

Karrnnel is the most decorated fiddler in Saskatchewan’s history, but is best known for pushing traditional music into a modern context, both with his own recordings, and with the his String Quartet, The Fretless. Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist who has worked in a variety of musical styles, which are reflected in his own recordings of original banjo music, but also has a deep knowledge and love for the traditional repertoire.

With the completion of this new album from Daniel Koulack and Karrnnel, Canadian artistically driven music was created, recorded and now is set to be shared around the world. Both as international touring artists, Karrnnel and Daniel share this music in performance, master classes, school performances, workshops and other collaborations. The unique combination of Fiddle and Banjo has a long-standing history in Canada and around the world. These two instruments have been played together for a very long time, and this album stages the duo’s creative voice and continues its growth and circulation.

Several tracks feature the guitarist and vocalist Joey Landreth. Joey is an extremely well respected singer, guitarist, and songwriter, who is best known for his work with his Juno winning band The Bros Landreth. The sound that Joey has as a singer, and his musical sensibility fits perfectly with aesthetic of the unique sound that Karrnnel and Daniel have developed. The vocal tracks draw from the Old-Time Stringband repertoire, mainly from the southern United States and are a unique artistic interpretation of Karrnnel, Daniel and Joey’s. As old-time musicians from Saskatchewan and Manitoba respectively, the choice of traditional tunes include a number of Metis and old time tunes that are completely unique to this part of the country.

With their latest album, Karrnnel and Daniel explore the creative possibilities of this classic old time palette; both by creating new fresh arrangements of traditional music, and creating original compositions that have as a seed the sensibility of these traditions. It is a unique creative collaboration of instrumental styles, imagery and storytelling.

Ultimately the goal of Karrnnel and Daniel with this project is not to “preserve” this style of music, but to add to the literature/recorded repertoire, presenting it as a living tradition!

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