James Leva & Jen Maurer

James Leva & Jen Maurer

Genre: Appalachian, Old Tyme, Traditional

JAMES LEVA is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter whose music is deeply rooted in Appalachian tradition. He learned much of his fiddle, banjo and vocal repertoire from great traditional masters such as Tommy Jarrell and Doug Wallin. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s he performed with seminal traditionally focused groups that were exploring the boundaries of Appalachian music. James is currently performing with Purgatory Mountain, with whom he recorded an album in 2007 and recently toured in France, including the Aulnay All Blues festival in Paris. James, who has a PhD in French Literature, was a Fulbright Scholar to France and has composed and performed music for a variety of theatrical productions in Europe and in the US.


JEN MAURER has been playing music all her life. While she started on piano, she likes to pick up every instrument she can and somehow make it a part of her. That list includes guitar (acoustic and electric), bass (acoustic and electric), diatonic single and triple row button boxes, 5-string banjo, fiddle, mandolin, flute, and sax. Coming from parents that appreciated the blues and many American styles of music such as old-time, bluegrass, ragtime, country, and jug band, Jen is a simple girl steeped in tradition with a love for singing, playing, stomping, tune writing, and overall jamming until the sun comes up. A natural talent with 20+ years of professional playing, Jen is a must hear force.




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