Genre: Folk Pop, Songwriter

Lindy Vopnfjörð brings his bright-eyed folk tunes and soaring vocals to the Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous circuit. His album “Young Waverer” has garnered heaps of critical accolades, including a string of hit singles on CBC Radio.  This Western Icelandic-Canadian “Gentle Giant” is not to be missed.

Lindy’s 6th album is set to be released before the snow melts.  This collection of folk songs will show a more refined songwriter, capturing courageous stories of freedom champions, Vikings, and the love for his beloved wife.

Lindy Vopnfjörð’s storied history as an Icelandic-Canadian folk artist is well documented. Born into a family of folk singers, he spent his formative years touring Canada, singing traditional Icelandic songs to the delight of many. Over the years, he has continued to reinvent himself to both critical and commercial success: in the iconic Victoria-based band Northern Junk, and his Toronto big noise indie rock group, Major Maker. Most recently, Lindy has revolved to the stripped down folk sound that has endeared him to audiences. Using only his voice and guitar, Lindy now writes songs in the storytelling vein of troubadours that have come before him. His songs tell tales of harrowing escapes from North Korea, to time unjustly spent in a prison in India. He works closely with survivors and heroes from around the world to craft uniquely personal songs, anchored by the weight of true life events.

Onstage, Lindy has had some fantastic opportunities of late. He opened for Whitehorse on a North American tour in 2015, culminating in an unforgettable performance at Massey Hall. Lindy has also become a regular on the festival scene, playing the Reykjavik Folk Festival, and The Greenbelt Harvest Picnic. And 2016 brings the release of a new album featuring contributions from artists in Canada, America and Iceland. The as-yet untitled album is being produced by award-winning composer Todor Kobakov, who has worked with many prominent acts such as Lights, Metric, Stars, and Dan Mangan.

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