Maja & David

Maja & David

Genre: Dance, Master Fiddler, Multi-Instrumentalist, Musique du Monde

Maja & David – A contemporary folk music mood

A concert with Maja & David is a powerful performance of pure fearlessness, virtuosity and musical personality. The soundscape moves from only one or two fiddles, to sounding like a whole fiddle quartet with percussion and a lead singer.

Maja & David are known for their phenomenal contact on stage, and they possess the ability to create an intense atmosphere to surround their music. Their second studio album with the title “CPH-Café-YUL” came out in May 2015, where Maja Kjær Jacobsen’s and David Boulanger’s  musical personalities are drawn very close.


Maja Kjær Jacobsen and David Boulanger met through mutual colleagues and friends as early as 2009, but it was not until 2012 that they decided to get together and make music.

As soon as they started performing around Denmark and Québec during the summer of 2012, they caught the attention of their audiences. Their new and exciting sound struck something that made them stick out in the crowd.

October 2012 “Maja & David” decided to record an album. They did a “crowd funding” and with the enormous help of their followers and fans, the duo managed to pre-sell enough records, downloads and other merchandise, to be able to start the recording process. In January 2013 they went to the Studio Chemin 4 in Joliette, Québec, where many of Québec’s finest trad bands have recorded their albums. They recorded the music for their debut album in four days. Marc Busic, a very well respected sound engineer and musician himself, was behind the soundboard.

Their debut album ”NORD” was released at Festival Chants de Vielles in Québec in late June 2013. Almost two years later, in May 2015, their second album “CPH-Café-YUL” followed and quickly it has gained the attention from audience as well as critics.

Since the beginning of the duo’s existence the activities have progressed quickly; over 60 concerts in Europe, USA and Canada, and showcasing at several conferences has given the duo a firm grip on the international folk music. They now travel more and more to please audiences in many countries.





  “It is both simple and majestic, sophisticated or rough, territorial and without borders, profound, bouncy, timeless, melancholic or cheerful, in harmony or unison, à cappella, in a waltz as well as the polka, reel or jig: Smooth!”
 – Yves Bernard

Le Devoir, Montréal, Canada

Maja Kjær Jacobsen | Denmark

Fiddle (GDAE), Hardanger Fiddle ( BEBF#, 8-stringed fiddle from Norway), and song .

As the daughter of a singer and guitarist, the path to becoming a musician herself lay very close. At age 14 she took up the fiddle, with great inspiration from the fiddlers performing at festivals such as Tønder Festival (Denmark) where Maja has been coming since she was 8 years old.

Maja is a fiddler, a singer, a researcher and a teacher, as well as a composer, arranger and a dancer. Especially the old music and singing traditions of Central Jutland (Denmark), where she grew up, is what gives her energy, and soon she will be a published author of a book about the Central Jutland music.

She also plays the Norwegian instrument, the Hardanger Fiddle, which she took up while living in Norway in 2009, and her Scandinavian roots take physical form when she performs with her fiddle trio Fru Skagerrak, where the two other members are fellow folk musicians from Norway and Sweden.

When singing, Maja brings back some of the power and spark that the older generations carried on in the small communities of Denmark for decades and centuries. She has searched for and nourished the old ways of singing, and one of her missions is to sing the songs in the old dialects in which they were originally sung. Other than Maja very few people master this form of traditional song in Denmark.

She graduated from the Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts Southern Denmark (Odense) in June 2012, as a Master in Folk Music with the fiddle as her main instrument.
David Boulanger | Québec

Fiddles (AEAE/ADA E/GDAE), jaw harp, harmonica, percussive foot-tapping, song.

David is best known as a member of the legendary Québécois folk  big band “La Bottine Souriante”, which has been touring the world for almost 40 years now.

David is a highly respected fiddler, foot-tapper, singer, composer and arranger from Montréal. He was born in 1983 in Saint-Hubert on the south shore of Montréal, where he started to play the fiddle at 8. At 16 he started his first trad music band where he played the guitar, and in CEGEP (pre-university) and university he studied jazz composition, arrangement and violin.

He received several awards from the Canadian Folk Music awards: In 2007 for “album of the year” with his band “La Part du Quêteux”. In 2010 David was also nominated with his “Duo Duval Boulanger” for “instrumental group of the year” for the album “Pièces sur Pièces”. July 2011, he composed and arranged music for the circus, “Cirque Alfonse” for their show “Timber” which has toured around the world since. Currently, he has been performing for seven years with LaBottine Souriante – the epic grand trad band of Québec presenting music from Québec with a brass section, which has included releasing the much praised album, “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée”. This album was nominated in the category “group of the year” in the Canadian Folk Music Awards 2012.

David Boulanger is an exceptional Quebecois player as well as a respected jazz violin player, composer and arranger in Montreal. He has gained widespread acclaim for his joyful and superb fiddling; a man of great talent, enthusiasm and humour.

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