Micah Erenberg & Logan Mckillop

Micah Erenberg & Logan Mckillop

Genre: Alt-Country, Songwriter, Storyteller, Troubadour

Logan McKillop:

Growing up on the edge of Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada, Logan McKillop has a multitude of songs for every change in the prairie sky. Being a modern day traveling troubadour, he has seen it all; from the jungles of Cambodia, the rainforests of Peru, the highlands of Scotland, to the rugged tundra of Baffin Island, Logan’s travels and experiences have shaped his ever expanding catalogue of sound. With an eclectic blend of influences from raw folk, smooth jazz, energy fueled bluegrass to lonesome country, Logan McKillop will appeal to audiences young and old. With a tune for every occasion, whether it’s a whiskey soaked Saturday night or a quiet Sunday afternoon, his honesty in storytelling will leave you captivated. His debut album titled “Prairie Sky” was released on March 23rd, 2013.


Micah Erenberg:

A hillbilly and a hippie. A beach boy from the middle of the prairies. Defying all odds, Micah Erenberg writes for people of all ages, while drawing inspiration from his own young life. The result is a classic sound that is somehow all original. He is a busker and a traveler, a band mate and a producer, and a regular in the over-the-top, underground music scene in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“One of Manitoba’s treasures, Micah is a songwriter’s songwriter who is known to have a knack for reinventing sound and what it means to music. A brilliant singer with a brilliant future, follow him, and his music will leave you with mouth your agape, chin dragging on the floor.” – Sheldon Sveinson, Fire ‘n Water Music Festival.

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