Ridley Bent

Ridley Bent

Genre: Alt-Country, Country, Poet, Storyteller

RIDLEY BENT is a Canadian singer/songwriter who began his recording career by blending his unique storytelling with various music genres to create a sound that was called “hick-hop” and grew to become one of the cornerstones of Vancouver’s young alternative country movement.

He started learning to play guitar at an early age, listening to such bands as Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, and the Beastie Boys. He moved to Vancouver by way of Whistler in 2000, getting a job as a security guard, a vocation that gave him lots of time to read such Americana authors as Louis L’Amour and John Steinbeck. These authors greatly influenced his writing style – character-driven story lines with such strong narrative themes as drugs, desperation, ambition, love, racing, unrequited love, and murder, all told with dark humour, skilled rhyming, and a novelist’s feel for plot twists and unexpected sentiment. Bent began moonlighting as a performer, developing his live presentation while performing at open mic nights and busking on the beach.

Bent continued to be highly active in the Vancouver music community while supporting this latest release. With each new performance and project it is evident that Bent is a considerable new talent, and although he may never shake the “hick-hop” label, he’s proving that his true gift as a storyteller and songwriter is best heard in a country music setting.


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