Sheesham & Lotus

Sheesham & Lotus

Genre: Appalachian, Blues, Instrumental, Old Tyme, Ragtime, Sepiatone, Vaudeville

SHEESHAM AND LOTUS’ commitment to the preservation of music and tradition of the past is indelible.

At the core of the show is a repertoire based on their love of the American fiddle tune, joyously played with banjo and before long, a startling array of traditional and non-traditional instruments make appearances. Tunes played on jaw-harps, gourd banjos and homemade instruments like the contra-bass harmoni-phoneum add depth and absurdity to their amazing sound, as they sing into their patented sepia-phonic Monophone, an acoustical filter into which they project their voices in stupefying harmonies, while playing ragtime and blues in pleasing mono-phonic delivery.

As a banjo and fiddle duet, and with their critically acclaimed trio, (Sheesham and Lotus & Son) Sheesham and Lotus have established themselves as an act that has it all, combining astounding musicianship and fearless grooves with a show that is dynamic and entertaining.


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