Steve Cormier

Steve Cormier

Genre: Cowboy Songs, Poet, Western

Cowboy music is about the human condition, western version. Cormier’s music is mainly old and traditional cowboy fare and reflects his nine years as a ranch and farm hand. His music is also informed from teaching American history twenty-two years.  And along the way he has acted and performed in film and television productions as diverse as Wyatt Earp and Breaking Bad. Steve has performed at many musical festivals around the country, including: Kerrville Folk Festival, Texas, Winnipeg Folk Festival, The Folklore Society of Greater Washington, D.C, New York Folklore Center, NYC and the Albuquerque Folk Festival.  He has several recordings and videos.


“Sings real cowboy songs with style and wit.” 

             –Rich Warren, Chicago Magazine

 “To listen to Steve Cormier is like getting to know an instant old friend. While you’re enjoying yourself, you’re also learning all sorts of fascinating things about our country and its past, comfortably put into song.”

              –Jackie Alper, WRPI Radio, Troy, New York

“Most shows today seem to just have the music, a few fireworks and nothing else. Dr. Cormier really separates himself from the typical musician and has great insight on how to integrate storytelling and music.”

              –Julie Coburn, Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“He sings the songs of the American West with caring love and real dedication to the romance and reality that embodies the old (and new) west.”

              –Art Thieme, Come For To Sing, Chicago, Ill.

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