The New Customs

The New Customs

Genre: Alt-Country, americana, Songwriter


The New Customs Biography

“Doing everything wrong the right way”

When two paths collide in a beautiful way at a cross roads between coming and going, Here you’ll find the New Customs.  Singer and songwriter Emma Cloney known for her haunting voice and poignant song lyrics, and the award winning sought after fiddle styles of Dale Brown make up this unlikely duo. “I fell for the warm melodies, and Emma’s trademark clear, uplifting vocals. She’s crafted a 10-song testament to living life unburdened. I’m inspired!” – Bruce Laden CBC Radio One

Blending their musical styles to create a fresh take on Folk, Canadiana. Hailing from Winnipeg Manitoba, this pair of seasoned artists have ventured forth to create “New Customs” in the way they approach their music careers.

Standing at a crossroad between her music and her nursing career, Emma Cloney was considering leaving the professional music scene. Like many musicians in today’s world, Cloney found herself faced with the choice of working to feed her family or working to feed her passion. With the exception of her annual Prairie Kitchen Party at Winnipeg’s West End Cultural Centre, she had all but walked away entirely.  It was at this show that Cloney and Brown shared the stage together. The pairing instantly sparked each others’ creativity and reignited Cloney’s passion for her craft.  These two have have set out not only to create, but to redefine what it means to be a working musician in todays’ industry. Not confined by the conventional, and unrestricted in their thinking, they are in fact creating the new customs, blending not only their music styles but also their careers. Presently the New Customs are recording their debut album, and are planning a western Canadian tour with Home Routes in September 2016 in support.

Emma Cloney, having made waves with her solo project, brings her soaring vocals and honest songwriting to the table.

Seasoned road warrior Dale Brown, having already worked on an arsenal of award winning albums including adds his multi-instrumental prowess and warm harmonies to the mix. Together, they are turning the tides and turning heads as the New Customs.

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