Home Routes FolkSchool

Home Routes FolkSchool: Mandate

Home Routes FolkSchool, will connect people of all ages, equally to folk music, across the country.
Coordinated by HomeRoutes inc, a non-profit based in Winnipeg, MB, the school will extend the organizations mandate of creating dynamic social performance opportunities that serves and promotes professional creators of original music, to teaching Folk Music to the next generation and beyond.

Home Routes FolkSchool exists to:

  • To give access to folk music education to under-served, and at risk youth
  • To Create opportunities to for people to connect with Local and traveling musicians.
  • Engage with community members of all ages
  • To nurture new music creation
  • Protect/preserve/promote traditional folk music while embracing the creativity and spirit of the arts
  • Support folks-roots musicians

Home Routes FolkSchool: Goals

  • To Create a year round schedule of Music Education taking place during the day and evenings, at different locations in Cities, Towns and Neighbourhoods throughout Canada
  • Offer a multi-faceted, dynamic curriculum of traditional and contemporary music, including lessons, workshops ,and classes in various instruments, song-writing, dance, and performance at schools, community centres and cultural centres nation wide.
  • Develop new musicians into professional level performers.
  • Enrich and enhance existing programs to deliver equal opportunity and access to quality
    music/ arts programming
  • Enable access to Folk Music Education to community members who would otherwise not have it, with a focus on at risk youth.
  • Create opportunities Coast to Coast to Coast in Canada to connect folks and music that would not have been possible without Home Routes FolkSchool.
  • Create partnerships across Canada, becoming a vital part of the National Music Education strategy.
  • Recruit, organize, train and support volunteer ”Champions” who will kick start the word of mouth and the student recruitment process in a community.

Partnership: If you agree that music connects us all, and is a powerful tool that nurtures creativity, and serves as a progressive force in a community, and would like to investigate how Home Routes FolkSchool can fit into your programming, please contact Andrew Galloway at Home Routes Folkschool
(204) 480-3380 ext 203


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